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Hey There I'm Hannah!

Lover of art, there has never been a moment in my life when I haven't wanted to create. Fast forward to my teen years with a camera in hand taking pictures was really about having the coolest instagram post. With much luck my cousin noticed my passion for photography and I did my first wedding! After that I was hooked and  fell in love with the process. I adored being a part of someones special and intamite day, and taking photos of their genuine selves in the moment. I have loved getting to know couples and their families and seeing this photography biz grow!





My husband and I!

This guy happens to also be my #1 second shooter (I also have many others that I love tho lol) and has helped so much with this biz.

The name Lion's Cave actually comes from both our last names combined 

vanleeuwen= Lion in dutch 


Cavers= Cave 

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